IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Professional Services

Your clients depend on your services and want to know they get the most out of their billable hours. To keep this promise, your computers, networks and phones need to working perfectly, RTS can make sure you are running on the best technology and help make sure it is always there when you need it.


​The customer is always right, and if your computers or phones are down, meeting their needs just gets that much harder.  RTS can partner with you to keep your phones, point- of-sale, security cameras and front-desk systems running so you can keep your guests happy.


You didn’t work your way up to owning your own shop just to get stuck trying to set up your point-of-sale system or your guest-wifi system. We can help you tackle these and more challenges so you can get back to running your shop.  

Small Healthcare Groups

We can support smaller medical offices networks, computers and more to help make sure you can serve your patients as effectively as possible.


Does your school or local government need outside help for specific issues, such as network upgrades, systems troubleshooting or phone systems? We can partner with you to help get your technical projects completed efficiently.


Networks are a critical component in the manufacturing workflow. We can help you build out high capacity, reliable networks that will keep your production lines running.  Using industrial rated network gear that is resistant to production area conditions and building in multiple levels of redundancy ensures your sites will always be connected.

We can help. Whatever your technology problem is, chances are, we’ve seen it before.

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