IT Consulting

In New Haven, CT

Strategic IT Planning for your New Haven Business

- Security audits

- Disaster recovery planning
- Office relocation / server room planning
- Network security assessments
- Infrastructure, network design & implementation, upgrades.

We believe New Haven is a great place to do business.  The city has endured well since the financial crash of 2008.  There are excellent funding opportunities available for start-ups which continue to attract new business to the area.  In addition to the excellent education and healthcare facilities on offer for residents.

As an IT consulting firm, we help New Haven businesses efficiently leverage their IT systems for increased productivity. 

In this quickly moving technology industry, we help you to maintain the right IT infrastructure that helps you to operate smoothly and without friction.

Whether you are looking for infrastructure on site, in the cloud, or both, we can assist in all stages of planning, design and implementation to help your business achieve its goals.

IT Infrastructure

We help to plan and implement solutions for your specific technology needs. We create road-maps which incorporate:

  • Your business strategies

  • Your technology needs

  • Your workflows

With this information we can design, implement and maintain IT infrastructure that does what you need, and grows when you need it to.

Security Audits

Like millions of other businesses across the US, New Haven businesses are at risk from cyber threats both internal and external.  These threats can have a very real effect on business productivity, reliability and communication.

We provide a comprehensive security audit which looks at remote access and controlling access to the internet for instance.


We review your technology systems and processes to identify threats to your network and the data that passes within it.  

We also provide:

  • A review of security policies/procedures and compliance with current regulations.

  • Recommendations and actions for improvement.

Disaster recovery planning

Our disaster recovery plans (DRPs) give you the confidence that your business can recover quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime in the event of a major software/hardware failure.

To create your plan we provide:

  • Risk assessment (how likely is a disaster to happen)

  • Impact analysis (what would be the impact on the business?)

This allows us to ensure you have the most appropriate solution in-place.  So if a disaster were to happen, your business would still be able to operate effectively.

Solutions that grow when you do


Sometimes it isn't practical to upgrade systems immediately.  We create plans which take into consideration your current and future situation, so you always have the best solution available to you.

Need a New Haven 
IT Consultant?

We work with New Haven businesses small, medium and large.  Speak to us to learn how we could help you to get the most from your IT resources.