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Common Small Biz IT Security Mistakes

Half of all cyber attacks target small businesses. Just like bigger businesses, they too rely heavily on IT systems for much of their daily operations.

Technology is moving fast. As a business that relies on it to function, it's critical you have some knowledge of security to help protect your daily operation and sensitive data.

Whether you know much about IT or not, you most likely understand this and have at least something in place to keep your IT secure, whether it's a password to log into your computer, or an appointed person to look after the security.

But when it comes to IT security in 2019 and beyond, a password alone isn't going to protect you, nor is passing the responsibility to someone else, not unless you know they have the understanding to fully protect your system.

Here are a couple of the common security mistakes businesses make:

  • Not updating critical software when known vulnerabilities exist in it.

  • Using consumer grade network products, software and file storage when it's not a good fit.

  • No backup plan or Disaster recovery plan for crucial systems.

  • Not considering data security when disposing of IT systems

Let's take a look at some more mistakes small businesses make when it comes to their IT security (chances are you have made at least one of these mistakes):

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