IT Management


At RTS, we might be a small company, but we provide a diverse range of IT services to suit many clients needs. Our range of offerings provides you more ways to help your business succeed through technology.

Workstation and Server Support

This offering for workstation and servers allows you to worry less about your user and backend systems. If your users have issues with their workstations or laptops or if one of your servers is having an issue, you can rest assured that when you call us, we will do what it takes to help you resolve it.  We support all major operating system platforms: Microsoft, Apple and Linux.  We provide support for most OEM hardware** and operating system issues that may occur. 1

** Valid manufacturer’s warranty will be required to assist with hardware replacement. 

Network Security Support and Design

This offering is for businesses looking for support with their internal network between their workstations, servers, printers and even other business locations. We can troubleshoot a wide variety of network issues within a single site, network issues between multiple sites and internet connectivity problems.  We also provide firewall and remote access configuration and troubleshooting assistance. 1

We also offer network design services for companies who are looking to upgrade their internal network to support more systems, connect a new location into their existing network and more. From wireless access points, to switches, to firewalls and VPN, we have the experience to design and implement a network to meet your requirements. 2

Telecom System Support and Design

This offering is for businesses who are looking for help with their existing voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone system** or are looking to migrate from a legacy phone system to an VoIP or cloud phone system. 1

If already have a system, or are using cell phones and are looking to implement an in-office or cloud phone solution, RTS can help you select a system which best fits your needs and then work with you to deploy it with minimal interruption to your business. 2

**Telecom Support offered on most commercial VoIP solutions but an initial review will be done by RTS to ensure support can be optimally provided.

Data Protection Services

In any business one of your most important assets is your data. Whether you have one machine or 200, your business data needs to be backed up securely and redundantly. If your data isn't backed up, your business is at risk. If the systems holding your critical data crashed, you could spend thousands on data-recovery and it might not succeed. RTS partners with multiple backup and data recovery vendors, such as Datto and Veeam  to provide solutions which fit any budget. We can help you design a disaster recovery solution to make sure your data will always be safe and available even if your systems go down.  3

Remote System Health Monitoring

Remote system monitoring and management technology is a great way to reduce the need for travel to your site to troubleshoot issues.  It will allow us to remotely access your machine to help you troubleshoot issues, run after-hours optimizations, manage software updates to your machine and provide anti-virus/anti-malware monitoring. These solutions proactively work in the background to keeping your machines working perfectly. 3

System Design and Consultation

We offer general technology consultation and design services, including work in application development. We can provide consultation on portions of any of the above-mentioned services, even if you don’t want to have RTS implement the design, we can certainly provide you a general design you can bring to another implementation partner to deploy it for you. 4


1. Workstation/Server Support, Network Support and Unified Communications Support require an active retainer contract.

2. Network System Design/Upgrade, Unified Communications Design/Migration, Co-Location Migration and Web Hosting/Cloud Services Migration all are project-based offerings. They do not require a retainer contract.

3. Remote System Health Monitoring and Data Protection Services require an active retainer contract, but they are billed as a separate monthly service.

4. Project-based offerings of most of the above services are offered on a case-by-case basis and availability will vary depending on specific customer needs.