Does your number of servers keep growing? Are you experiencing mounting IT costs?


Virtualization helps to reduce your hardware costs and make your existing servers more efficient.


What virtualization can do for you:

  • Spend less time managing IT infrastructure

  • Centrally provision, manage and monitor your servers

  • Reduce your IT costs

What are the benefits?

There are many reasons to choose virtualization:

  • Improved disaster recovery: Virtual machines can be automatically replicated and backed up to another server in event of failure.

  • Reduced energy costs: Virtualization allows you to consolidate your physical servers to fewer servers via virtual machines.  One VMware study found that server consolidation reduces energy costs by up to 80%*.

  • Increased productivity: Virtualization allows you to quickly clone environments instead of spending hours and extra dollars installing new servers. This gives your IT team time to focus on other tasks.

How does it work?

  • To put it simply, virtualization uses a special operating system called a Hypervisor that allows multiple virtual systems (guests) to use the same hardware resources on the host server.  This is the one of the key underlying technologies used in cloud computing data-centers. 

  • Instead of running one operating system instance and application per server, virtualization allows you to run multiple workloads and experience optimum usage of computer resources available.

Why you should call RTS


Robinson Technology Solutions are your strategic partners in New Haven County, CT for VMware and Microsoft virtualization consulting.

We provide:

  • Analysis of your business to determine need for virtualization

  • Setup of new virtual environments

  • Setup of virtual network security

  • Ongoing support for your virtual environments

Want to know if virtualization can help your business make better use of its resources? Call RTS and we can help you profile your existing systems and determine if your needs line up with the benefits of using virtual systems. 

* Making the business case for VMware