VOIP Services

Take advantage of VOIP technology for your business


VOIP (Voice Over IP) can help your business to reduce costs, unnecessary hardware and become more productive by integrating with enterprise software such as SalesForce.


What are the benefits?

There are many reasons to choose virtualization:

  • Scale up or down easily: VOIP makes it more seamless to add or remove phone lines. So you can avoid paying for an unused line.  

  • Better access: VOIP technology means that you are not limited by a physical phone line at one location. Users can conveniently access their phone at home, or wherever is convenient to them at any time, or redirect to any number in the world when needed.

  • Increased productivity: VOIP allows for a very flexible set of features to benefit your business. Call internally and externally with on the same line. Read voicemails with email transcription while you're on another call.  Add or subtract features as and when you need. 

How does it work?

  • Analog voice is converted into packets of data and served through the internet.

  • Call landlines, cell phones or from one computer to another.

  • VOIP services can be accessed through a physical VOIP phone, computer or mobile phone.

Why you should call RTS


Robinson Technology Solutions are your strategic partners in choosing, installing and maintaining the right VOIP system for your business. 

We provide:

  • Analysis of your business to determine need for virtualization

  • Setup of new virtual environments

  • Setup of virtual network security

  • Ongoing support for your virtual environments

Want to know if voice over IP can help your business make better use of its resources? Call RTS and we can help you profile your existing systems and determine if your needs line up with the benefits of using VOIP.